Halloween: It’s Not Just For Kids

I went through a period in my junior high and high school days when I thought dressing up for Halloween was something only elementary school kids did. In college, I realized Halloween is most certainly NOT just for children.

I assumed that once I entered the working world, Halloween would be a non-starter. However, my first job out of college was working for a magazine publishing company where we had very little walk-in traffic, so our office was able to fully celebrate the holiday. I knew the three other ladies I shared an office with would dress up, but I was shocked to see that nearly everyone in the office had dressed up for the occasion.

That mindset changed when I worked for an engineering firm—no one dressed up there.

But, that’s not the case for every company. Here at the Forum, we love Halloween. And we’re not the only business where employees enjoy dressing up for the holiday. Several companies throughout the metro celebrate in various ways.

You can read about them in this Forum article. Happy Halloween!


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