Local Woman Inspires Hope In Others

Have you ever known someone was great, simply because of mutual friends you’re both acquainted with? That’s the case of Rachel Stone. I met her once at a birthday celebration for Kristi Huber, and while we didn’t get to know each other in the few minutes we exchanged pleasantries, I had a sense that Rachel is an interesting person with an incredible story.

Boy, does she ever.

Her journey includes moving from Chicago to Fargo to competing in the Mrs. North Dakota International contest to now offering leadership and empowerment classes through her nonprofit P’s & Q’s Etiquette INC.

I learned about her story during an hour-long interview at a local coffee shop, and I was captivated the entire time. Her authenticity, faith and humility is disarming, and she’s honest almost to a fault. I left that interview feeling inspired and excited, which is how I imagine the students Rachel works with feel every time they meet with her.

If you have a few minutes, read about her program, her story and how she’s investing in our future by teaching students, including young boys and girls, about their value and abilities.

Rachel Stone

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