You Can’t Know Fargo Until You’ve Been Here, Trust Me

When I decided as an 18-year-old senior in high school to attend North Dakota State University in Fargo, the majority of my South Dakota family and friends thought I was crazy.

“You know it’s cold, up there, right?” I heard constantly. My dad joked that only “Eskimos and Canadians live that far north.” Haha, everyone. Very funny. Now just let me get back to my parka shopping.

Moving to a new state for college was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made, and I couldn’t have picked a better city to start putting down my own roots. That first year, people from back home in South Dakota would ask me why I didn’t go to South Dakota State in Brookings–it’s a comparably sized school with a communications program quite similar to NDSU’s. I told them it was because I wanted to go to school in a city where I could picture myself staying once I graduated from college. I couldn’t see myself living in Brookings, SD–I figured I would end up moving to Sioux Falls like so many SDSU alums do.

But Fargo was…different.

The city and its amenities reminded me of Sioux Falls, but as I learned more about Fargo and the incredible energy that started building here as I was completing college, I was hooked. I drank the Fargo Kool-Aid and I love it. But I’m not the only one. This city is full of people who love the vitality and excitement Fargo has become known for, and many people who have moved away never stop loving Fargo.

People who’ve never been here will tell you lots of things about Fargo, but they don’t really know. Because you can’t really understand what is so special about this city until you’ve been here…actually walked down Broadway or dined in one of many local restaurants.

Fargo keeps surprising America, and once you’ve visited, you’ll finally understand why.

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