For Sale: Historic Home With Heartfelt Story

I’m a complete sucker for anything even remotely related to history. And historic homes have a special place in my heart.

That’s what made writing about the “House of 29” that is currently for sale in Oakes, ND, so enjoyable. Not to mention Kathy Bourne’s story—wanting to live in the home her whole life but having to sell the enormous house once her husband fell ill—will make you want to sob into a tissue at your desk.

Kathy loves talking about the house, because she truly loves the home. She remarked several times how she enjoyed every minute she lived in the historic abode, and her realtor, Deb Knigge pointed out how well Kathy and her husband cared for the home.

No matter how sad Kathy is not to live in the grand old house, she’s more concerned that it doesn’t continue to sit empty. A home like that deserves owners who will appreciate its history and care for it with reverence and love.

One aspect of the home’s story that I didn’t get to expand on very much was its time as a hospital. After having only lived in the home for six years, the original owner donated it to the Sisters of St. Benedict to create St. Anthony Hospital. The hospital was open for 25 years, and many Oakes residents were born there. The family of those people commented on the Facebook post of the story:

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Deb echoed those thoughts when I talked to her, and she said that’s probably why so many Oakes residents feel so strongly about the house and keeping its presence alive and well in the community. The home is as much a symbol of Oakes as any historic building on Main Street.

If you have a few minutes, read the story about this beautiful home. If you have a few hours, maybe take a drive to Oakes, ND, and see it for yourself.


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