Pumped Up: Man Fills Landscaped Yard With Collection Of Antiques

It’s refreshing when someone talks to you about something he or she is truly passionate about.

That’s what it was like interviewing Mark Cossette about his beautiful landscaping and flowers as well as his extensive collection of gas pumps, transportation signs and his “man cave” garage. His face lights up when he talks about picking out all the prettiest plants and flowers for his yard. He is humble about his spectacular green thumb, saying that he has no secret—just good fertilizer and watering.

When it comes to his backyard, he’s creating something of a time capsule. He travels throughout the area to auctions, estate sales and antique shops to find gas pumps, signs and other antique relics from days gone by.

Talking with Mark about his love of automobiles was an educational opportunity. A self-described “motorhead,” Mark started throwing out a ton of terms I had never heard. He patiently explained them all, and I quickly realized the depth of his love for all things cars.

Not only is his yard a tribute to that love, but so is his house. He has decorated nearly every room with some type of sign or object that displays his fondness for cars, and he has a story about where or how he came to own that particular object.

Mark knows that his yard on Second Avenue North in Moorhead attracts onlookers, and he’s completely fine with that. All collectors love to have their collections admired. His just happens to be in his backyard. He said people especially like stopping by at night, when the backyard collection is illuminated.

Read more about Mark and his yard in this article.

Flowers and fuel pumps

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