Daily Drive-By: What I Learned About A Local Company

My typical route to The Forum office includes entering downtown via First Avenue North. For months, I’ve watched as an asymmetrical office addition rises into the sky, its shiny metal exterior reflecting the sunlight many mornings and afternoons.

I finally realized I wanted to know more about the building and the company responsible for it, so I wrote this business feature for The Forum. (I also received an email from our editor telling me he’d had the same curiosity about the building. I’m glad I wasn’t the only one!)

Jordan Craig is a smiley, energetic 20-year-old currently acting as the owner of Craig Properties, which manages two apartment complexes downtown with its third set to open this week. She’s funny and frank and talks quickly, sharing the story about how her father started the company years ago after he managed one duplex.

Jordan is also an artist, so it makes sense that the company is building the addition to serve as a private art gallery and possible public event space. She’s quick to point out that Craig Properties isn’t trying to create a new revenue stream with the addition—her father and everyone at the company simply support local art and want to celebrate it.

Read this article to learn more about Jordan and the company she and her father are building into a family legacy.

Craig Properties

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