Being Laid Off Hurts: Here’s How To Survive

On January 14, 2009, I became a statistic.

That’s the day I was laid off from my job. I’d started working at a magazine publishing company just weeks after graduating from college, and I loved the job as well as my co-workers.

But when the economy started to nosedive, our advertising-based business began suffering. We cut back on the number of magazines we published, but that wasn’t enough. In December, the first round of layoffs occurred, and those of us who survived collectively held our breath, waiting to find out what would happen next.

One month later, we found out.

Being laid off less than a year after graduating from college was devastating, even with the warning I had. I remember tearfully boxing up my belongings and saying goodbye to co-workers. I called my husband and my dad on my drive home, tears streaming down my face as the uncertainty of the situation started to weigh on me. (My only solace in being laid off is that I would now be available to watch all of the inauguration coverage as Barack Obama historically took the oath of office on January 20.)

Within a few weeks, I was employed again at a different and much-smaller magazine with an application for graduate school in my hand. I know many people are not that fortunate when the unfortunate circumstance of layoffs occur, which makes me grateful for having the experience with the outcome I did.

That’s why writing this article about how to survive a layoff was so important to me. Unfortunately, even in an improved economy, layoffs happen. But processing the situation appropriately through these tactics can make a difference in the outcome of your situation.


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