How One Local Couple Transformed Dated House Into Modern Jewel

Since I’ve started contributing home feature stories to the Forum’s Variety section, I’ve focused on topics I have personally found helpful, like buying vs. building or deep cleaning forgotten spaces in your home.

By complete happenstance, I stumbled upon a possible story idea for a home feature about a local couple that remodeled an older home into a stunning contemporary oasis.

The story idea came through Facebook…of course. Chris Hawley Architects posted this on Monday, June 20, and I happened to see it after a friend liked the post:

Hawley on Facebook

I was struck immediately by the incredible makeover the home had received, so I reached out to Chris Hawley Architects to see if I might be able to interview the homeowners. Turns out, the home belongs to Chris Hawley and his wife Sarah. The down-to-earth couple was a blast to interview, and they shared great stories about what it took to strip down a distinct 1968 home and then transform it into the warm, welcoming modern marvel it is.

One such story that didn’t make it into the Forum version was that when the main level of their home was being worked on, the family lived in the basement. But, they still hosted Thanksgiving for a group of 16 people; the couple ended up creating makeshift seating out of saddles and sawhorses, and everyone had a great time joking about the unique experience.

Today, Chris and Sarah are enjoying the experience of their updated home and sharing with others how an older house can still be a great home. You can read the entire story of their remodel here.


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