Coloring: It’s Not Just For Kids

Back in May, my parents stayed with us the night before we all left the next morning for my sister’s graduation from nursing school. Once the toddler was asleep and the kitchen was cleaned up, we didn’t have much time left to do anything major, so we just settled in to watch a little television before we called it a night.

I felt a bit restless, so I decided to pull out my coloring books and fancy new markers—a fantastic Mother’s Day gift from my husband and son. My parents both asked what I was doing, and when I responded that I was going to color, they were incredulous.

“Color? But you’re not in kindergarten anymore,” my dad joked.

True. I graduated from Crayola crayons a while ago, but after receiving a coloring book for my 30th birthday last year, I had become an ardent supporter of the adult coloring trend. It’s relaxing yet productive. Interesting yet calming. Even if I only have 10 minutes, I can achieve quite a bit when it comes to filling a blank page with vibrant color.

Receiving my first grown-up set of markers inspired me to write about the trend. Previously, I’d used basic sets of colored pencils because that was what was readily available to me, but my new set of Prismacolor dual-tipped markers opened up a whole new world of coloring fun.

I decided to research the tools available in the adult coloring industry, and Art Materials made complete sense as the stop. Pete Cummings was as knowledgeable as he was helpful, and I learned more about the coloring industry than I ever intended to.

If you’ve been curious about the coloring trend but don’t know where to start, I hope this article will give you some direction. In the end, it doesn’t matter if you love coloring flowers, birds or buildings with either colored pencils, markers, or watercolors…what matters is that you enjoy what you’re doing and feel great about what you accomplished when you’re done.

Adult coloring

Also, props to my talented teammate, Alex, for taking amazing photos.

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