Talented Teens Perform Classical Indian Dance

Since our AreaVoices team started providing features content for The Forum, we’ve pretty much been left to our devices when it comes to stories. We come up with the content we want to write about, and we pursue it.

So when our editor brought up a story idea regarding a classical Indian dance performance, I was intrigued and volunteered to cover the story. Even though the event was on a Saturday night, I relished the idea of being able to witness such an interesting cultural event in the community.

A month before the performance, I reached out to set up an interview to gather background information. When I arrived for the interview, I learned the three dancers were teenagers. Teenagers! The youngest of whom is only 13 years old.

We chatted for a bit, and the three young ladies graciously offered to give me a preview of one of the 10 dances they would perform at the main event. The dancing was incredible! The hand gestures, eye motions and neck movements were so subtle I nearly missed them, but as I watched, I realized how intricate the entire dance really was. 

front pageMy preview of the event landed on the front page of The Forum, likely because the beautiful images we were provided made for striking cover art. My hope is that the preview of the article prompted people in the community to take time to attend the free performance and enjoy a special cultural aspect of the Fargo-Moorhead community. Those three ladies, their instructor and their families poured time, talent and resources into making the performance successful, and I have no doubt the event was appreciated by all who saw it.

While the performance has already concluded, you can learn about what Bharatnatyam Arangetram is and how much commitment was required of the three Fargo teenagers who performed the important dance.

First dance

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