How To Be A Pro At Garage Sales This Summer

Back in April, I had my first experience regarding a garage sale. I’ve been to plenty, but this experience was different because the sale opened on Thursday, which was perfect for me because I couldn’t check it out any other time.

The sale was located on my way home, so I planned to stop by when it opened at 5 p.m. I ended up arriving at about 4:50, and as I wound through the neighborhood searching for the exact location, I wondered if I would be the only person crazy enough to show up when a sale started.


As I approached the house, I realized about 20 other people had the same idea that I did and were actually waiting at the end of the person’s driveway so they could be the first to peruse the items when the garage door opened.

I was thankful that everyone was civil and behaved when the doors finally opened, but the experience inspired me to put together an article about how to make the most of garage sale shopping.

The final article was published in The Forum on May 18. You can read it here.

Garage sale shopping

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