2015 Review: My Most Popular Posts

The end of one year always invites retrospection and remembering. One year ago, I was working for a different company, making ambitious plans for a memorable 2015. Today, I am working for Forum Communications Company (again!) at a job I love and enjoy every day, and I can’t believe all that has changed in just 365 days.

Being part of the AreaVoices community has allowed me to explore my voice and share some personal stories. I am grateful. I am also humbled by the people who have read my articles, proud of those who have taken time to comment, and excited to see what lies ahead in 2016.

In case you missed any, here are my top six posts from 2015 (links below photos):

The Kirkbride

Paranormal Series Part 2: The Kirkbride

Our paranormal series involved some great topics and even more interesting adventures. Touring the Fergus Falls Regional Treatment Center (a.k.a. The Kirkbride) satisfied an urge I experienced years ago when I discovered this historical gem. While not everyone appreciated the angle I took while writing about the building, I am elated I was able to explore this beautiful building and its sad, tragic history.


Melvina Massey: Fargo’s Main Madam of Ill Repute

I learned about Melvina Massey after watching a documentary created in 2013 by NDSU professor Angela Smith and her class. I also wanted to explore the historical figure, so I contacted Smith and spoke with her about Massey’s story and its missing pieces. Retelling the story of a famous woman in Fargo’s early days satisfied a desire I have to share history with anyone willing to listen. This article also holds a special place in my heart because it led to a contract to write a book about other lesser-known stories in Fargo’s history…to be published in late 2017.

-Pinup on the Plains-

‘Pinup on the Plains” Empowers Everyday Women

I’d heard about the “Pinup on the Plains” event, but had never attended, so I jumped at the chance to go this year. Watching everyday women—women who are typically more comfortable in jeans and no makeup—strut down a runway in lingerie with the confidence of Gigi Hadid was utterly inspiring. I left the event proud and empowered…and all I did was attend.


Fighting Whioux? An Outsider’s Perspective On The Rivalry

Revealing my apathy toward the “rivalry” between NDSU and UND took some courage, because I know many people don’t agree with my perspective. That’s completely fine. As someone who grew up in South Dakota and came to NDSU after the annual faceoff had ended, I am immune to the rivalry. I was fortunate to attend the NDSU/UND game this fall, but that’s not why I was excited to be there. I want to support my team no matter who they are playing, and the rivalry doesn’t mean anything to me—it was just another game in their Drive to Five.


Big Hair, Don’t Care

My first post…ahh, the memories. I agonized over this article for days. Was it too personal? Was it too flippant? Before that post went public, I was used to writing about other people, places, and things…not myself. Or my hair. Now I know it’s okay to share some personal stories…and have a little fun doing it.


Why I Don’t Say I’m In Love With My Son

I wrote this article well before I ever published it because I recognized I may be in the minority with my perspective. However, the support I received from others with similar views buoyed my spirits and made me realize that my stance may not be that strange after all.

Thank you again for reading; I am honored that you have taken time to do so. I hope the end of your year brings fond memories and anticipate for wonderful things yet to come in 2016!


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  1. Pat Troske

    My favorite of all your articles was the one on “Why I don’t say I love my son”. That went to the heart of how we all feel, but have never really expressed so well. God Bless you Danielle, for helping us to see what a difference there is in loving one’s child compared to any other kind of love.

  2. Patricia Troske

    Hi Danielle
    I can definitely add to your list of things you have missed doing in the Midwest. How about “milked a cow” Gathered Eggs, cleaned a chicken, took an out door shower, chased Turkeys. All things you had to do if you grew up on a farm near Turton, SD

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