Paranormal Series Explores Infamously Creepy Local Haunts

The AreaVoices team began discussing Halloween in July. Yes, you read that right. We’ve been anticipating this holiday since the peak of summer. And it’s not because we love dressing up or even candy; we were looking for a good scare.

What became of that desire is a four-part series exploring natural (and unnatural?) creepiness at places in and around Fargo-Moorhead. Did you miss one of the articles? Never fear. Here’s a recap and links to the four stories:

Part 1: A Spirited Forum Basement

ForumMany buildings in downtown Fargo are allegedly haunted, yet the Forum Communications building escapes those rumors. Hillary decided to investigate whether the dark, labyrinthine basement produced more than just a newspaper…

Part 2: The Kirkbride – A Symbol of Timeless Terror and Tragedy

Kirkbride_BWNerd alert: Danielle loves history. She also loves a creepy tale of tragedy and terror, so the state hospital—a.k.a. The Kirkbride—was a fascinating choice. The history of psychiatric care is replete with real-life horror stories, but are there more than just memories contained within its walls?

Part 3: The Haunted Memories of a Gruesome Pig Farm Murder

All kids hear ghost stories. In west central Minnesota, kids like Alex hear one particular story—a grotesque tale of a murder that claimed the life of a 15-year-old girl named Lilly. Does that poor soul still roam the rural area where she met her demise? Only a paranormal investigation would reveal the truth…

Part 4: A Midnight Trip to the Graveyard

Ben dove into a classic Halloween haunt: a graveyard. He didn’t need to investigate if spirits wander the grounds; he simply wanted to know if they felt the need to communicate with this world. A psychic provided the medium through which they could communicate, and the night took a few spooky turns…

Thank you for letting us indulge our imaginations, and Happy Halloween to all of you!

Tell us your favorite (or least favorite) Halloween haunt. We might want to write about it next year…

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